Gunner / Mounted Warrior Protection

This product was developed for the US Army Combat Gunner or other Mounted Warrior using the standard issue ACH Kevlar helmet.


This product offers additional protection from fragmentation and other secondary blast projectiles caused by IED’s or other.


CM131 Level IIIA 9mm Soft ballistic mask is available in Black, Coyote Tan or OD Green with ACU digi pattern. The total weight of the mask including the armor is 1.6 lbs. Quick switch replacement lens are available in Smoke, Amber and Laser tints.


This product is restricted to Military and Law Enforcement personnel only

Level IIIA 9mm Ballistic Facial Protection

NIJ V0 Threat Level (Compliant): IIIA 9mm 9mm

124gr FMJ V50 (fps) : 1630

9mm 124gr FMJ V0 avg. Deformation : 28

17gr FSP V50 (fps) : 1950